Cut Decals - Your Custom Artwork, Single Colour

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The classic way of making decals - cutting the artwork from a single vinyl colour. Simply send us the requirements and the artwork and we'll do the rest. Choose from 14 standard colours. For standard colours we cut the decals from 7 year rated vinyl, then cover in application tape to make for easy application.

How to Order:
When purchasing graphics from us online, you'll need to send us all all the information we need to produce the products - depending on the product we may require an artwork file and/or written instructions. This product requires BOTH artwork and instructions. As soon as your online order has been created, send us the artwork and instructions to go with your order via email to, quoting your order number as the email subject. If there's more than one item in your order that needs instructions, be sure to tell us which set of instructions corresponds to each item. For more information on sending the right type of artwork, see the "Sending Us Artwork" page on the main menu for more information.

Please note we can only produce cut decals from vector graphics format. If you have only bitmap artwork available, we can convert it to a vector (subject to the bitmap being of acceptable quality). A vectorisation fee of £7.50 per logo applies, available here. You'll only ever need to pay this once per logo as we'll send you a copy of the vector file for future use.

When ordering custom cut decals, we'll need to know the following instructions:
1. The maximum height and maximum width that the decal can be. Please note there are three size boundaries available in the dropdown list. Pick the boundary most appropriate to you, then tell us a more accurate dimensions in your email. We'll do our best to fill the dimensions, however in some cases we may not necessarily use all of the space in order to maintain legibility and proportions.
2. Your chosen vinyl colour.