Logo Vectorisation - Conversion to Vector format

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If you've been looking through some of the products on our website you'll know that we can't produce some products without vector artwork. In most cases we can offer a conversion service which will change your bitmap image into a vector file (see "Sending Us Artwork" page for more info on bitmaps and vectors), ready for any graphics you may ever need. We'll send you a master copy of the artwork once finished that you can keep for future use, so you'll only ever need to pay for this service once per logo.

How to Order:
When purchasing graphics from us online, you'll need to send us all all the information we need to produce the products - depending on the product we may require an artwork file and/or written instructions. This product requires artwork only. As soon as your online order has been created, send us the artwork to go with your order via email to artwork@unlimitedindustries.co.uk, quoting your order number as the email subject. If there's more than one item in your order that needs instructions, be sure to tell us which set of instructions corresponds to each item.

Please note this product is a design service only - you will only receive digital files, not physical products.

By default, we'll send your finished vector file to the email address used to complete your order. If you'd like it to be sent to another email address, please let us know in the comments section when ordering.