MX Jersey Sponsor Decal - Your Own Artwork

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Need to add some custom sponsor decals to your jerseys? Use our iron on logos! Easy and quick to apply with an ordinary household iron, and fully machine washable after a day in the mud. Just upload your artwork file when ordering and we can do the rest. Please note that for best quality the artwork file needs to be in vector format (see the "Sending Us Artwork" tab on our site), quality of image reproduction cannot be guaranteed if you send us an ordinary image such as a PNG or JPEG file.

When ordering also be sure to select the best Max Height and Max Width options for your project. If the dimensions are very critical, select the heights and widths most appropriate for you from the dropdown menus and then tell us the exact dimensions in the "Anything else you we need to know?" box. We'll do our best to fill the dimensions but in order to maintain legibility and proportions the graphics may turn out to be slightly smaller in one direction.

It can also be helpful to us if you tell us what colour of jersey the decal will be going on to so be sure to do that if you can too!