MX Jersey Iron On Decals - Back Name & Number, From Preset Design

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Personalise your MX jersey with our iron on logos! Easy and quick to apply with an ordinary household iron, and fully machine washable after a day in the mud. Choose from 5 preset designs.

How to Order:
When purchasing graphics from us online, you'll need to send us all all the information we need to produce the products - depending on the product we may require an artwork file and/or written instructions. This product requires instructions only. As soon as your online order has been created, send us the instructions to go with your order via email to, quoting your order number as the email subject. If there's more than one item in your order that needs instructions, be sure to tell us which set of instructions corresponds to each item.

When ordering an iron on name/number design from our preset templates, we'll need to know the following instructions:
1. The desired template (i.e. your selection from Presets 1-5)
2. Your number and the text you'd like to have above the number
3. The number colour (Pick from the preset colours swatch shown in the product images)
4. The second, third and fourth colours, if applicable to your selected template. A key is shown beside each of the templates to denote the corresponding names for each colour used in the design. Again, pick from the preset colours swatch.
5. The maximum height and maximum width that the decal can be. Please note there are different size boundaries available in the dropdown list. Pick the boundary most appropriate to you, then tell us the more accurate dimensions in your email. We'll do our best to fill the dimensions, however in some cases we may not necessarily use all of the space in order to maintain legibility and proportions.

For example, you could send us something like this:
1. Selected Template: Preset 4
2. #25 instead of #88, "Smith" instead of "Bloggs"
3. Number colour White
4. Second colour Chrome Fade, third colour Black
5. Max width 320mm, Max Height 340mm

From this information, we can then produce this: